RealPresence RSS 4000 Kayıt ve Yayın Server

RealPresence RSS 4000 Kayıt ve Yayın Server

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Polycom RSS 4000 Product Highlights

  • High capacity – Shared network-based recorder and streaming device, leveraged across the video conference systems, records up to 15 concurrent conferences
  • Easy to use recording – Multiple options for quick and easy recording and streaming from the video conferencing systems, including bridges
  • High quality – Up to 1080p high definition video recording and 720p HD live streaming, Stereo Surround audio and full content recording for top quality media productions
  • Easy viewing – Supports both unicast Video on Demand and Multicast for streaming to large amount of desktops plus the ability to playback using the video endpoints
  • High reliability – Dual RAID 1 hard disk drives, redundant power supplies and dual Network Interface Cards
  • Content management – Content can be downloaded for post editing production or automatically imported into an enterprise wide content management application such as the Polycom VMC 1000 video on demand and live broadcast server.


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