IP Office Manager, SystemStatus, CallStatus

IP Office Manager, SystemStatus, CallStatus

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The System Status Application (SSA) is a diagnostic tool for system managers and administrators to monitor and check the status of IP Office systems locally or remotely. SSA shows both the current state of an IP Office system and details of any problems that have occurred. The information reported is a combination of real-time events, historical events, status and configuration data to assist fault finding and diagnosis. SSA provides real-time status, historic utilization and alarm information for ports, modules and expansion cards on the system; play back log is also available. SSA connects to all variants of IP Office running release 4.0, using an IP connection that can be remote or local. Modem connections at 14.4kbps or above are supported for remote diagnostics.

SSA provides the following:
• Alarms – SSA displays all alarms which are recorded within IP Office for each device in error. The number, date and time of occurrence is recorded. The last 50 alarms are stored within IP Office to avoid need for local PC.
• Call Details – Information on incoming and outgoing calls, including call length, call ID and
routing information.
• Extensions – SSA details all extensions (including device type and port location) on the IP Office system. Information on the current status of a device is also displayed.
• Trunks – IP Office trunks and connections (VoIP, analog, and digital) and their current status are displayed. For VoIP trunks, QoS information is also displayed (e.g. round trip delay, jitter and packet loss).
• System Resources – IP Office includes central resources that are utilized to perform various
functions. Diagnosing these resources is often critical to the successful operation of the system. This includes details on resources for Voice Compression Modules, voicemail ports, and conferencing resources.
SSA can be launched independently or from IP Office Manager and there can be up to two (2) SSA clients connected to an IP Office unit at one time.


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