IP Office Auto Attendant

IP Office Auto Attendant

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Voicemail Pro provides an easy-to-use, multi-level configuration tool (the Voicemail Pro client) which allows network managers and system administrators to construct an interactive menu system, based upon DTMF telephone key entry. This allows an Auto-Attendant system to be built and configured to suit business needs, be that on its own or as a back-up for the regular operator when call volumes are high. Voicemail Pro offers the caller the ability to dial the name of a person via the phone keypad (like “Text” messaging on cell/mobile phones). In response the auto-attendant offers the caller a best match name or if there is more than one, a selection list is offered and the caller can select which one they want to call.

As an example, Voicemail Pro can be used to build an Auto-Attendant that prompts callers to “enter 1 for sales, 2 for support, 3 for admin, or 0 for the operator” allowing them to be transferred to the appropriate department without operator intervention. Alternatively, a list of personnel and their extension numbers could be listed, allowing the caller to directly access the person they want. For larger companies it could be department name listed first, followed by the list of employee extensions within the department.
The latter two examples are ideal where company telephone operation has changed from a central operator to Direct Dialing (DDI/DID), allowing callers to “learn” the required extension number from the prompting of Voicemail Pro, and then in future dial the extension number directly. Auto-Attendant operation is also ideal where multiple languages are required, for example “Dial 1 for English, 2 for German, 3 for French, …”.


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