E129 SIP Telefon

E129 SIP Telefon

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Supporting a basic, generic SIP implementation, the E129 is ideal for entry-level communications supporting basic features such as Transfer, Forward, Mute, Ad-hoc Conference and Hold. The simplicity of the E129 makes it ideal for use as a location-based phone where the device is associated with a particular space rather than a use – for example lobbies, waiting rooms, break-out areas, warehouses, classrooms and retail spaces.

  • Transfer, Forward, Mute, 3-Way Conference, Hold, Call Waiting, and other open standards-based SIP functionality
  • G.722 wideband audio, handset and headset
  • Full-duplex speakerphone
  • Single line, supporting two calls per line
  • 3-row display
  • Directory with up to 500 contacts
  • Call history with up to 200 entries
  • Power-over-Ethernet, Class 1
  • Headset Port, RJ9 Connector


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